Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rust & Pleats

Here's a lesson to be learned: Don't chew gum while taking outfit pictures. You'll end up with a plethora of awkward mid-chew faces looking like someone punched out your jaw and it was never quite fixed right (Exhibit A and B hahah). I wore this to the Exploratorium last week but had a few shots taken before I left. It was pretty comical, trekking through dirt and manure with sweat pants pulled over my skirt to keep it from snagging onto various weeds, and those sweats matched real well with my trench coat and booties, perfect attire for nature's adventures (sarcasm)... and yes, I need new tights.

This week feels like it's been stretching on for eternity. It's our first full week back from our pitifully short break (of 13 days...13 days!!), and the long weekend is so close and yet so far. Hard as it may be, I've been trying to fight off the creeping senioritus that inevitably comes with the arrival of second semester seniorship. The last few days have gone a little like this:

4 PM: Get home. I have so much time for homework!
6 PM: Still haven't touched my backpack since I've gotten home.
8 PM: Nope... but hey, it's okay. Second semester doesn't really matter anyways, right?
10 PM: Second semester doesn't matter. I can scrap up my homework before class tomorrow.
11 PM: I'll be fine...
Sleep at 2...or 3... or 4.

Really, I just don't know how to do senioritus right.

A couple new addictions I've picked up recently:
Knitting. A good friend taught me how over winterbreak, and now it's growing into a habit that drains my time and elicits many "old granny" jokes from friends and family.
Temple Run. Anyone who's played this will understand.
Toast w/ butter+sugar. I tried this for the first time at Verde on Monday, and now I'm hooked. I've been trying to make it at home too, but the only bread we have is this croissant bread, so when I toast it with butter it gets even more buttery than it already was... And it's just not quite the same as Verde's.
My Camelbak. Water. All the time. I practically go pee every half hour.

Sweater: Foreign Exchange
Belt, Pleated skirt: Thrifted
Bangles: Flea
Shoes: Mom's old and battered
Clutch: ASOS
Earrings: Morocco, a gift from a best friend.
Trench: Michael Kors

Walk The Moon - Anna Sun by handclapmovement

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  1. I love your outfit! so comfy! :)