Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Adventures and things.

The Exploratorium, The Counter, NYE, North Star in Tahoe, and the view from the Stanford Lodge.
A little taste of childhood, and the best way to spend the last day of winter break. There's nothing wrong with being the only 17 year olds in a museum filled with gaggles of little boys and girls, none of which looked older than 12... There was one little boy in particular who was at a bubble station, wandered away, tried to find his parents, and just walked around with this lost, almost-in-tears face for a good three minutes before finding his mom. He was so cute, I just wanted to snatch him up and... ha ha, only joking. It reminded me of the days when I was five or so and I'd always wander away from my mom at the supermarket, get lost in the aisles, panic, cry, and sob around until I found her. Albertson's is a big, scary maze when you're a little lost kid...

Ate at The Counter with my cousin for her birthday. 5 stars. There's no better place to be when you're hungry. I finished the entire burger (which was as wide as half my face when I tried biting into it...), fries, green tea, milk tea, and then some. I swear my stomach has its own trash compacter.

New Year, haven't thought of a resolution yet... Maybe it should be to spend more time with family because after all, this is my last year home. We always say we don't appreciate things until they're gone, so why not learn to appreciate the things I know I'll be leaving?

Trip to Tahoe with a couple friends, and all the snow...sike. Every time I fell, it was like falling on concrete. PLEASE SNOW SOON SO I CAN GO BEFORE SPRING.

Cough Syrup by Young the Giant

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