Monday, December 12, 2011


Snapped these after school last week when I got home.  These pants make me feel like I'm walking in obnoxiously orange billowing clouds... they're that comfortable. And loud (you could spot them from a mile away). Yes, they're a bit long, but such is life when you're a short stumpy Asian female, stooping at 5'3. Damn genetics.
Palazzo  pants-- ASOS
Sheer blouse+satin tank+belt-- Mom's old wardrobe
Jewelry--  Charlotte Russe (red stone ring), Thrifted (gold ring), some night market in Asia (cuff)
School bag-- Thrifted

So finals are right around the corner, and  then after next week, that's it. The end of  first semester senior year. Actually, I'm having a bit of a hard time appreciating that because of the looming finals in less than a week that I've yet to study for. I have this huge to-do list in my brain, and it just keeps stacking and stacking and overflowing because I can't possibly remember all the Christmas presents, college essays, study guides, projects, and things that need to be bought, written, done, and finished. 

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