Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ghirardelli Square, SF

Went to the city with a friend a couple days ago, and we basically walked around the same place five times in a circle, trying to decide where to eat dinner, where to get dessert, where to take his new profile picture (I kid you not), where to take a "cute picture" of us. I brought my camera along and took some shots along the way of:
a. The bridge we crossed while driving (fascinating!)
b. A random architecturally-appealing clock tower
c. Oh look another city skyline, how original...
d. A boat.
e. The Ghirardelli sign
f. The same Ghirardelli sign. Oohlala.

Of course I would wear a flimsy night slip in the middle of winter to San Francisco, the city of terrible, bitter NorCal weather. But somehow, amazingly, it wasn't even that cold by nighttime, and I wasn't even shivering. Lucked out. Only my fingers were cold, which reminded me that I should probably invest in a quality pair of gloves considering my hands are abnormally bony and thin and are probably very prone to frostbite.

And of course I would be stupid enough to wear five inch platform heels to the treacherous hills of the city. Why don't I just jump in front of a train; death that way would be far less painful... Luckily I wasn't completely mental and brought a pair of boots in the car, just in case. So after the second circle around the block and dinner at a place called Capurro's (which was a bit too expensive for its quality, imo), we walked back to the car to change my shoes. I realized I can't even enjoy the city when all I can think about is my impending death from those heels... Did I mention the ridiculous hill slanted at a near 45 degree angle??

So those ill-matching boots in the photo were my saviors for the night ($10 vintage Ariat combat boots from the local flea-- literally one of the best deals of my life). They have these funny fringe-y things at the base of the tongue, which at first I thought was a bit questionable, but then I decided it gave them character.

Vintage slip: thrifted
Clutch: ASOS
Boots: flea

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