Saturday, November 26, 2011

Watercolor #2 + Newspaper Nails

Did these using the same water-marbling technique I mentioned in an earlier post some time ago. I actually really like how they turned out this time though. Excuse the little ugly stray marks; I wasn't able to scrub those off too well.

I was actually inspired to do these when I was distracted by one of those Facebook ads on the side of the screen while I was supposed to be doing homework. Typical me. The tutorial's here (seriously, Youtube has tutorials for everything).

The best thing about homemade cinnamon rolls

... is that you can put as much icing as you want on them. Too much of a good thing? Nonsense.

The dough looks like a brain... sorry.


I was inspired by her, but the link to the recipe is here (note: I doubled all the ingredients for the glaze, tehehe.)

My interpretation of "preppy"

Chiffon Pants: Flea Market
Shirt: ASOS
Fedora: F21
Vest: AE
Belt: Mom's old stuff
Shoes: UO

It's hard to capture how amazing these pants are in pictures. I love the way they look, move, feel, flow. I found them at a local flea market, and I was debating whether or not I'd actually ever wear them but then the lady told me they were $5. So I figured, I might as well. 
Best. Decision. Ever.

Anyways, the occasion was one of the theme days for our school during Homecoming Week It was "preppy/country club" day, or something, and even though I'm pretty sure this is nothing close to preppy, I actually won a prize for the theme.

College Apps!

I'm extremely, preposterously, unacceptably behind on my college apps, but I've officially submitted my application to the UC's, which means that's 5 down and done (+3 from earlier).

What does this mean?
This means that even if I somehow get stranded and lost in the wilderness within the next month, and I can't submit any other apps, I'll still have choices waiting for me when I get back!
This means no more worrying and nitpicking at my personal statement!
This means I'm going somewhere and I have a future!
This means... I don't have an excuse to not work on my other apps and supplements anymore...
Ah, shoot.