Saturday, October 29, 2011

DIY Clutch

1. Scrap leather from Flea Market (bought ages ago) 2. An old, old, old purse of my sister's that I tore up 3. Zipper from Joann's (arts and crafts store) 4. Side 1 5. Side 2

Okay I actually made this clutch MONTHS ago, but I've been lazy and just got around to posting these pictures now. The scrap leather was about $5, I think, and the zipper was $3? Anyways, the total cost was somewhere around $10 or less, which saved me $58. (American Apparel's Carry-All Pouch here, which costs enough to feed me lunch for almost two months...) And it was so easy, I don't even need to list the steps. It doubles as a laptop case since it magically turned out to be the perfect size for my netbook too. Win- win.

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