Monday, October 31, 2011

Like Crazy

One of the comments for this video was:
I need to see this... but i cant let my friends know i like these kinds of movies
I must go alone.
I laughed.
How long do I have to wait until the movie comes to the Bay Area??

Sunday, October 30, 2011


As I listen to the man pack up the jump house outside my window, I realize that I've never before had a jump house in my backyard. And the one day I do, it's not for me.

My mom ordered the jump house for a retirement party she was hosting (not hers), so that her coworkers' kids could have some fun. The upstairs study windows were slid wide open, and as I chained myself to the computer, working on college applications, the sounds of children squealing, laughing, playing, and crying floated up to where I sat, like a mocking, whispered reminder of lost years, and God, did I feel old.

I did go in the jump house, later, when everyone had left and it was dark outside, just to see what it felt like-- but I only stayed for a minute before I remembered the work I had left to do. And besides, being in the jump house by myself just didn't feel quite right.

Senior Drive In, Dandia, and Milk Tea

Senior Drive In-- a privilege I've been looking forward to since I was a freshman and got to watch all the seniors drive by, blasting music, shooting water guns, throwing candy. And now it's hard to believe that's us.
Dandia-- You know that scene in Pride and Prejudice (or any Victorian-era English movie, really) where everyone dances in perfect harmony and they're all in sync and somehow all know where to step, and you'd wonder, how in the world do they all know how to do the exact same dance without crashing into each other? Well, Dandia wasn't quite that intense, but same idea. A 9 step dance ( I think?) that includes hitting sticks together, lots of spinning, shuffling, and rotating. I think I pulled my neck from spinning around so much. Still, it was SO MUCH FUN. I felt like literally every Indian person in the Bay Area was there (the tables behind us were completely covered with shoes at one point from all the people there. And when there was no space left, they went under the table. SO MANY SHOES.). 
Milk Tea-- For about a month and a half, I had this unhealthy, crazy, wildly out-of-control obsession with milk tea. I had it literally every day after school (and I mean literally--when you have a car, nothing can stop you). I can't even fathom how much money I spent on milk tea. I would start dreaming (okay not actually dreaming; I'm not psychotic) about it during my last period, and there were conveniently four places to get milk tea near my school on the way home. At one point I think I even started showing withdrawal symptoms when I didn't get my milk tea fix (a headache that magically went away when I took my first sip). Like I said, unhealthy.

But thanks some intervening friends (who saw that I had a bit of a problem), my milk tea cravings eventually gave way to a new obsession for soft serve cones. Still not exactly healthy, but it doesn't burn a hole in my wallet as fast as milk tea ($1 per cone vs. $3+ per drink).

Saturday, October 29, 2011

DIY Clutch

1. Scrap leather from Flea Market (bought ages ago) 2. An old, old, old purse of my sister's that I tore up 3. Zipper from Joann's (arts and crafts store) 4. Side 1 5. Side 2

Okay I actually made this clutch MONTHS ago, but I've been lazy and just got around to posting these pictures now. The scrap leather was about $5, I think, and the zipper was $3? Anyways, the total cost was somewhere around $10 or less, which saved me $58. (American Apparel's Carry-All Pouch here, which costs enough to feed me lunch for almost two months...) And it was so easy, I don't even need to list the steps. It doubles as a laptop case since it magically turned out to be the perfect size for my netbook too. Win- win.

DIY Skeleton Shirt

Idea is neat, cutting is terrible.

Some excuses to why I've ever so poorly neglected my blog.
1. College Apps

    The thing about first semester senior year is that even when you're done with your work, there is always, always always more to do: aka, college applications. It's like a haunting, hovering cloud that follow you everywhere. It's like a huge stack of essays, supplements, and deadlines that's constantly cackling and mocking me: "You think you've finished your work? Well, THINK AGAIN. You still have a dozen more essays and 231342 more supplements to write! Oh, and not to mention that these essays will determine the rest of your life, so no pressure, babe."

2. Procrastination, aka College Apps's best friend

    My first college app deadline is in two days. Procrastination is like those bewitching Sirens in the Odyssey that I can't resist because it's just so...seductive...And it's also the reason I'm writing this post right now. Go figure.

3. Tripods take too long to set up and fuss with
    And I'm too embarrassed to ask someone to take pictures for me.

4. Also, regarding pictures...
    This is me before school:

And this is me after school:
    No time to take pictures in the morning, and not in a mood to take pictures after school... Therefore, no pictures.

5. What to write about?
    Most of my recent posts have been more about some outfit or some things I've bought, and I'm okay with that because it's not a particularly personal aspect of my life. But lately I've been wanting to express ideas, thoughts, reflections or whatever else comes to my mind. Well, firstly, that's the kind of stuff you put in a diary. But I'm too slow of a writer to scribble all of it down, and my handwriting's so illegible, I probably wouldn't be able to go back and read it myself... Secondly, I keep forgetting the things I want to write about after I have those moments of inspiration so by the time I reach the computer, I've forgotten my epiphany.

6. Audience Size
    This blog doesn't reach a very large audience, so I never feel obliged to post regularly. Also, it's more for me anyways.

7. This Takes Too Long
    I'm not sure why, but I always have trouble aligning the photos and what not every time I post it takes me way longer than it should to post something simple. Even those stupid faces up there^ took me forever to position.