Saturday, July 16, 2011

Knick Knack Purchases

Picked the bottles up from a local flea market ($2 for the brown, $4 for the clear). My mother thinks they're quite an eyesore but I think they've just got character. Flowers are from the weekly farmer's market (2 for $6).
Scrap of red leather for $5. Raw material for a clutch.
Unknown tail for $2. I never buy fur products (mink coats, fur scarves, etc.). But I made a slight exception here since it was from a flea market, so my rationale was that buying a secondhand fur good wouldn't perpetuate animal slaughter in commercial businesses.
Feather earrings from street stand in SF, from my fourth of July trip. $8? Can't remember.
Close up of my new dream-catcher key chain. Reminds me of Arizona (I went on a 2 week immersion trip at the beginning of summer).

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