Monday, May 30, 2011

Witchy witchy.

This black shirt-thing and these black boots make me feel like Sabrina, or Elphaba, or Samantha, or something (kudos if you'd got 3/3 of the references). Wore this to a friend's surprise birthday BBQ. Excuse the rather awkward smooshed smiles and unflattering shots in these last two posts; they were all taken in the same hour and I was too lazy to do anything with my face.

Shorts: Mom's Levis, DIY
Tights: F21
Knee high socks: Cotton On
Lace romper/nightslip worn as top: Thifted
Bag: DIY
Ring: Metro
Black sheer oversized kimono (?) shirt thing: Thrifted
Black booties:  Mom's


  1. gorgeous outfit! I love your jeans shorts.

    damn, I cannot comment with my blogger-account today, that's why I'm anonymous.

    sassi from


  2. love your outfit. your tights and sheer kimono is super cute!

  3. great blog!! i really like your outfits!!:)