Sunday, May 29, 2011

DIY Balayage/Ombre Hair


The results of me and my $10 highlighting kit by Loreal or Clairol (can't remember exactly...) at 12 AM, on a school night.  I'm very very very happy, no, thrilled with the way it turned out (in part because I was just so damn relieved it didn't end up a monstrosity, or my hair didn't fall out, or anything like that). It's a bit more dramatic than what shows up in the pictures, I think.

Anyways, it saved me a $70+ trip to the salon and all the horror stories I've read of highlights/hair dyes gone bad have been in salons; plus if I messed up with an at-home job, I would've only wasted 10 bucks! While as if they had screwed up my hair at the salon, it would've been that $70 down the drain plus a lot of scolding from my mother. I'd never hear the end of it.

Credits to this girl/lady/woman/female (gosh I never know how to refer to young women without sounding awkward or offending or overly formal) for giving me the guts to go through with it. Easy peasy poo.


  1. LOVE THE HAIR, did you braid it to get it all wavy?

  2. no way! you did it!! looks sooooo good. I'm not brave enough to try it :)

    love, Peppie