Saturday, April 16, 2011

A visit

I love visiting my old classmates at their school. Every time I go back to visit, it seems like all the guys have doubled their size in width and height and all the girls have suddenly discovered how amazing they could look (with the help of make up, hair irons, etc etc...). It's so different for me because I don't see everyone on a regular basis, only slight snapshots, and all the change they go through amazes me every time. Suddenly I can't even fit my arms around the guys because they've exploded on some sort of out of control steroid growth, and the girls are unrecognizable in their bombshell hairstyles and eyeliner. I still think of them in the same junior high gawky and awkward stages with their unfussed-over hair and flair khakis and running shoes. Now the girls have boobs and hairspray, and the guys have bulk actually that's it; not much else has changed for them. Ha ha, only joking. A number of them have morphed out of their caterpillar larvae into not-too-shabby looking fellas.

And I love hearing all the stories of gossip and drama circling around the school without having to partake in messy affairs. And the comical way people respond to my hello's with a quick glance and automatic hey, then literally do a double take as if they can't believe what they're seeing. And how much more I feel like I belong there than here at times, and how I often laugh as much there in one visit as I do for a week here.

And they have open campus. How sick would it be to go to Chipotle every day? And kids just talk on their phones in the hallways. And they don't have prayer before every single period (har har har). And the classrooms are small and a bit cramped, or maybe I'm just not used to it. And everyone's Asian. And their periods are SO SHORT (compared to our hour and a half). Class is over before you know it. I've pretty much forgotten what it was like to go to public school.

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