Monday, January 3, 2011

Movies I've seen lately

Wow. This movie blew me away. After being rejected for buying tickets because my cousin was only 18 (you have to be 21 to buy tickets for us underaged...just two more weeks until I won't even have to bother), awkwardly standing in front of the ticket line with our large group of cousins, conspicuously plotting how to sneak into a rated R film, and then going back and having everyone buy different movie tickets, we had nearly an hour to kill before the movie started.

We got back a bit too late and as a result, none of us sat next to each other. I had the great pleasure of sitting between two old men--and if you've seen this movie, the awkwardness of the situation is obvious.
I finished rewatching this movie literally an hour ago. One of my favorite movies. It has literally everything: action, mystery, romance, surprising twists, comedy. I hear the book is way, way better but like I said...who has time to read nowadays?
Awh. This movie didn't have me pouring buckets of tears like people said, but I think it was because people kept telling me it was cry-worthy. Raised expectations=disappointment. BUT, I did tear up in the beginning when they were talking about college. It was just kind of That's me. In less a year and a half. Shit.
THIS. This. Wow. We watched it on Christmas twenty-five year old sister's choice of movie. I loved pretending I was a dinosaur when I was little. In our backyard, we have a japanese-y tree with little leaves the shape of stars, and I would pretend to be a "long-neck" and chomp on the "star leaves" (like actually bite them with my mouth and chew them up). I remember one time I saw my mom looking at me through the window and I played it off all casually, spitting it out because I didn't want her to think I was weird, you know, or anything.
Jude Law has got to be the sexiest man alive. It's not the body, or even his killer looks. It's just this...aura of sexy. And that accent, I suppose. And that he's a dad in this movie makes him even more...attractive. Is that weird? Ahhh, but I really do like this movie. It's just so...happy.

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