Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Break

has made me fat and lazy. My brain is a mushy conglomeration of goop, and I just know that my handwriting will be illegible chickenscratch when school starts up again. I have done absolutely nothing productive all break--no homework, no studying, no SATs, no essays, no research, nothing. I didn't spend time with all the people I wanted to. I didn't get that warm fuzzy Christmas feeling. I didn't get that New Years kiss, or go to Christmas in the Park.

And yet, I still loved the last two and a half weeks of pure...gluttony and hibernation.  I ate what I wanted to eat. I had holiday chocolate from Ghirardelli and Godiva practically everyday--Peppermint Bark became a staple food. I ate Boiling Crab two, three times until I was stuffed like a PillowPet. My friends and I snacked on three bags of Hot Cheetos (Zingers, Lime, and Puffs), Pocky Sticks, coconut Juice, and mint chocolate packets while sitting on our asses for two hour road trips to and from El Dorado Hills. I had nothing to worry about, nothing to stress over, no deadlines or work to do. It was a break: from school, projects, stress, studying, finals, research, work. Fuck being productive.

Maybe I didn't do everything I wanted to do. But I did get to take a ski trip with two of my best friends. I did get to see Alcatraz for the first time, and even though I thought it would be a complete bore, I was so absorbed during the tour I was completely oblivious to everything else, and I was the last of my family exit. I went to Haight, volunteered at 5 am in the morning to feed the hungry, and learned how to play Ligretto. Which I think may be my new favorite game for its level of intensity. I got to see the beautiful campus of Stanford (or the outside, at least...when we got lost on the way to Standford Mall) and though it's supposed to have the second largest campus in the world, there was just a bunch of grass area next to the drive through that was used for...absolutely nothing. I got to try a free Sprinkles cupcake. I got to shop with a friend I hadn't seen in years. I revisited Brigadoon Park, and slid down 3 story cement slides on cardboard with oil. I tried old cheese in Monterey, and we bought an ice cream maker.

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