Monday, December 6, 2010

It started raining

yesterday. My mom made a comment. "I feel so terrible for all those people who have to stay outside in this weather...Isn't that terrible? We should feel so grateful." And we talked about it for a little bit.

It made me remember this girl I had seen in the summer, when I had gone to San Francisco to watch Wicked (hands down the best musical ever. Better than any Glee show or movie musical) with a few friends.We were walking down Market St (I think that was it) and there was an Asian girl sitting on the sidewalk next to the subway station stairs, with a sign that said something along the lines of "Please Help. I'm homeless and hungry." The craziest thing was that she was so. young. I could've gone to school with her. She could've been a year or two older than me. On the other hand, she could just be particularly young looking for her age, but still, how can a girl like that survive homeless in the streets of San Francisco? Like can you imagine being seventeen, eighteen, and living day and night without shelter all by yourself? In San Francisco, home to wet muggy and shivering weather and dangerous legit hobos who could probably...well anyways.

The only bill I had in my wallet was a dollar bill that I had folded into an elephant for fun (Internet doubt wasting my time when I should have been doing something productive). I dropped it in her cup, and later my friend told me that she had picked it out, smiled, and put it in her jacket. Now that I think about it actually, I feel kinda shitty. I mean what can she do with one dollar?

I wish I could go back to that day. Call me nosy, but I was so, so curious: How did she end up like this? Where were her parents? Had she run away? Did she have anyone else with her? Was she hungry? Did she want to come eat lunch with us? I'm generally shy and self conscious around strangers, but if I had had the guts, I would've plopped right down next to her and just talked. Maybe she would've found me annoying, too chatty, invasive, whatever, but several months later I'm still wondering what happened to her.

To be honest, I sort of have a subtle fascination with all homeless people on the streets. If it were perfectly safe (but there's no guarantee that it would be), I'd like to have a nice cup of tea/coffee/other beverage and just pester them with questions about how they got there and what it's like. There's always the chance that they'd pull out their knife and kidnap me, or they'd just be downright bothered, so the most I ever actually do is give them money.

That's my rant about homeless people. A little late for Thanksgiving, but suitable for the season of giving (speaking of which, I can't wait until break).

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