Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas morning...

Well, "morning" for me, it was actually around 2 PM when my mom came in my room and asked me if I was dead. I had finished wrapping all the presents last night so they were lying in a pile by my door- we didn't have a Christmas tree this year. Or last year. Actually, we haven't had a Christmas tree since...I don't know, the seventh grade? So four or five years? Christmas just...isn't really a big deal in our family. We have a family party, which gets smaller and smaller every year as everyone starts leaving for college. Present-giving isn't really a big deal either.

So this year here's how the present giving morning went. My mom unwrapped her present from us on my bed, a white sweater dress and makeup from Nars and Dior. She said she was going to try on the dress, and thanked and hugged me. I left the other presents for my sister and my dad on the stairs. After I brushed my teeth, my dad came out of his room all smiles and thanked my sister, Mom, and me for his present (two sweaters from Macy's). He seemed genuinely content with his gift; he doesn't ask for much.

My sister looked at me and asked, "So where's my present huh?" I pointed at the wrapped box on the stairs. "Oh! Hm. Well thank you," took the box and unwrapped it.

At that moment, my mom came in, saying the dress made her short legs look bad, and that she didn't like the colors on the Nars palette, and could she exchange the colors for something else that she wanted at Lancome? And could she exchange the dress, or did I just want it?

My sister opened her box and inside was a pink nightgown. Not the silky slip Victoria's Secret type, but the Christmas movie granny-style kind, complete with a frilly collar and embroidered flowers around the neck. My mom oohed and ahhed. "How pretty! And how soft!" (It had been her idea to get my sister it, but it had been me who went and picked it out and bought it-- my mother wouldn't let me buy her anything else. "Get her something she can use. She loves those very traditional nightgown things.")

My mom gave me her sweater dress present back, asked my sister if she still had the exchange receipts for the makeup, and left. My sister looked at me and said, "Why did you let her buy me another nightgown!"

Men are so much simpler than women.

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