Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Almost there.

It's like the light at the end of the tunnel. The food at the end of the fast. That register at the front of the line (on Black Friday). I can't of any other examples right now because my brain refuses to work.

Today was the first day of finals. I'm not sure how I got through it without dropping my head on my scantron and drooling in my sleep until all my pencil marked answers run together into a big graphite puddle blob, but here I am.
Let's calculate my hours of sleep for the week:
None on Sunday- started my English essay on Chaucer around midnight.
1.5 hours Monday- had a semester calc project. Which I left the most of until the last minute, of course. What a surprise...
2 hours last night- started and finished studying for calc final, started studying for English final then gave up when I put my head down on my desk and woke up half an hour later, grumpy and tired. And the last two hours I'd been studying didn't exactly help...I felt like I was just glazing over dates and definitions and the meaning of this transgression and that soliloquy.
And I've been waking up really suddenly lately. Tuesday morning I woke up literally running towards my door. I think it's been some weird reflex I've developed from waking up panicked because I just realized I was late. This morning I did the same thing, except just running to put on my pants. And I've pretty much been wearing my pajamas to school because I'm too lazy and sleepy to put on anything nice. So I end up just stuffing a bra under my crewneck. Monday I slept with my jeans on so I wouldn't have to change at all. Then in the car today a friend was sitting next to me while I was sleeping and when we were outside of our school she said "Kristi" and I panicked like mad and snapped up like one of those jack in the box figures.

I think I need to relax a little more.

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