Saturday, November 13, 2010

Unpaid fines...

From the Martin Luther King Jr. Library...with charges that go way, way back to the fourth grade or something.
And they never let me renew or borrow more books when I'm over $ I had to pay up.

I'm one of those people who will borrow something for a really, really long time, and unless I'm reminded and bothered daily about it, it'll grow old and dusty with mothballs and rats in the recesses of my closet/cabinets/desks/etc...just kidding about the rats.

That reminds me, I still have my friend Heather's jeans from the seventh grade. And another friend Mimi's shirt from freshman year. And Angela's flip flops from...last year? But for the record, she left them here. Then there's another friends' jeans and shorts from seventh grade or so...they don't even fit me anymore. And we have this one movie from Blockbuster, back when they used to do the mailing servicer (do they still?) and I think that was around...fifth grade. I had meant to send it back and all, but...well, these things happen. I never even watched it! It was the movie Cry Wolf, but who knows. I heard it was bad anyways. I don't think they even know we have it. Either that or we've been charged unknowingly for the last six/seven years and if we ever try to rent a movie from them again a huge multi-thousand dollar fine will show up...great.

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