Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tofu House and migrains.

The pictures were from the internet, since I forgot to take any.
So I had dinner with my family tonight, after a friend’s birthday party. My sister who’s up from LA has really been into Korean food lately, so we went to this section of street on El Camino in Santa Clara that was supposed to have lots of Korean food places. We stopped at Tofu House, where I joked that it was so popular the windows were steamy (I’m pretty sure it was just frosted glass…but at one point I looked at it from inside and it really was steamed up).

This place was so legit I had no idea how to eat the stuff…my mom watched one guy eat his food and saw him crack a raw egg into his soup so she did that too. My mom pretty much criticized about everything in the place:
“My ribs are much better.”
“Why don’t they refill our kimchi?”
“I don’t like this fried pancake much.”
“The lighting at the other place was much better.”

My sister and I proceeded to mimic her complaints and laughed a bit obnoxiously loud (we always get a kick out of making fun of our mother). Personally, I thought there was so much good food there… I don’t think I’ve been so full in a while, and that includes Thanksgiving. For some reason, I can’t seem to get that fully-stuffed-and-pregnant-looking feeling anymore when I eat…I never seem to have an appetite. And the people were so nice even though my mother’s manners were terrible (no thank yous, no pleases, just “EXCUSE ME can I get this refilled??”). One of the old men working there was going from table to table giving the little kids balloon animals. He even asked me and my sister…but  no.

My only complaint was that I left my bag there =( I realized this when we were almost home and then freaked out. So I called them and they eventually found it and the guy promised to hold it there. Hopefully nothing’s missing but I mean the people there were so nice I’d really be surprised if there were. Maybe Koreans are just nice in general. Oh and I guess another thing is that I got a huge migraine from all the MSG…that’s how legit the place was.

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