Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cheerios and Chex in Soap Operas?

I've never really been a fan of soaps. I remember when I was little I'd always come home to big sister Anna  sitting on the floor in the bonus room (our "study room") watching some weirdly dramatic funnily-lighted show that always ended in some dramatic cliff hanger.

So I came across one of those Yahoo articles that are always on the home page and have really interesting taglines but the actual content is usually a lot more boring...but this one was pretty funny. And it had some clips from soaps that make me want to actually watch these shows with bad acting just because they've gotten a whole lot funnier.

I thought this one was particularly amusing... just cause it was so obvious, it's supposed to be a gloomy scene, and the way they zoom into the product ...and that it's a bunch of white people eating psuedo-asian food, of course it would be frozen from a bag. AND THE OLD LADY JUST KEEPS TALKING.

Then there's this one...

And this funky music starts playing as soon as they zoom into the awkkkkward. I feel bad for the actors.

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