Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tofu House and migrains.

The pictures were from the internet, since I forgot to take any.
So I had dinner with my family tonight, after a friend’s birthday party. My sister who’s up from LA has really been into Korean food lately, so we went to this section of street on El Camino in Santa Clara that was supposed to have lots of Korean food places. We stopped at Tofu House, where I joked that it was so popular the windows were steamy (I’m pretty sure it was just frosted glass…but at one point I looked at it from inside and it really was steamed up).

This place was so legit I had no idea how to eat the stuff…my mom watched one guy eat his food and saw him crack a raw egg into his soup so she did that too. My mom pretty much criticized about everything in the place:
“My ribs are much better.”
“Why don’t they refill our kimchi?”
“I don’t like this fried pancake much.”
“The lighting at the other place was much better.”

My sister and I proceeded to mimic her complaints and laughed a bit obnoxiously loud (we always get a kick out of making fun of our mother). Personally, I thought there was so much good food there… I don’t think I’ve been so full in a while, and that includes Thanksgiving. For some reason, I can’t seem to get that fully-stuffed-and-pregnant-looking feeling anymore when I eat…I never seem to have an appetite. And the people were so nice even though my mother’s manners were terrible (no thank yous, no pleases, just “EXCUSE ME can I get this refilled??”). One of the old men working there was going from table to table giving the little kids balloon animals. He even asked me and my sister…but  no.

My only complaint was that I left my bag there =( I realized this when we were almost home and then freaked out. So I called them and they eventually found it and the guy promised to hold it there. Hopefully nothing’s missing but I mean the people there were so nice I’d really be surprised if there were. Maybe Koreans are just nice in general. Oh and I guess another thing is that I got a huge migraine from all the MSG…that’s how legit the place was.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cheerios and Chex in Soap Operas?

I've never really been a fan of soaps. I remember when I was little I'd always come home to big sister Anna  sitting on the floor in the bonus room (our "study room") watching some weirdly dramatic funnily-lighted show that always ended in some dramatic cliff hanger.

So I came across one of those Yahoo articles that are always on the home page and have really interesting taglines but the actual content is usually a lot more boring...but this one was pretty funny. And it had some clips from soaps that make me want to actually watch these shows with bad acting just because they've gotten a whole lot funnier.

I thought this one was particularly amusing... just cause it was so obvious, it's supposed to be a gloomy scene, and the way they zoom into the product ...and that it's a bunch of white people eating psuedo-asian food, of course it would be frozen from a bag. AND THE OLD LADY JUST KEEPS TALKING.

Then there's this one...

And this funky music starts playing as soon as they zoom into the awkkkkward. I feel bad for the actors.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Unpaid fines...

From the Martin Luther King Jr. Library...with charges that go way, way back to the fourth grade or something.
And they never let me renew or borrow more books when I'm over $ I had to pay up.

I'm one of those people who will borrow something for a really, really long time, and unless I'm reminded and bothered daily about it, it'll grow old and dusty with mothballs and rats in the recesses of my closet/cabinets/desks/etc...just kidding about the rats.

That reminds me, I still have my friend Heather's jeans from the seventh grade. And another friend Mimi's shirt from freshman year. And Angela's flip flops from...last year? But for the record, she left them here. Then there's another friends' jeans and shorts from seventh grade or so...they don't even fit me anymore. And we have this one movie from Blockbuster, back when they used to do the mailing servicer (do they still?) and I think that was around...fifth grade. I had meant to send it back and all, but...well, these things happen. I never even watched it! It was the movie Cry Wolf, but who knows. I heard it was bad anyways. I don't think they even know we have it. Either that or we've been charged unknowingly for the last six/seven years and if we ever try to rent a movie from them again a huge multi-thousand dollar fine will show up...great.

American Beauty

...Now this is a trippy movie. It's good, really good, but a bit overwhelming...I don't think I'd be able to watch it again for awhile.

While I'm at it, I'm just gonna mention how amazing I thought the last episode of Glee was ("Never Been Kissed"). I went out of my mind, I actually said "OHMYGOD" outloud, at...that one scene. Yeah, that one...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Being sick

really isn't all that bad when you get to stay home, be lazy, eat, sleep, and watch TV. Which is all I did today. Really, it's all I could do, considering I woke up feeling like I'd gotten mauled by a truck and as if I breathed in goo all night. After getting over the initial feeling of "Ugh this sucks I have to miss school and do twice as much crap later", I got an extra five hours of sleep. And got to catch up on How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. Productive day.
So after being pumped with five different kinds of meds, I feel better.

Bloom- The Paper Kites