Sunday, October 10, 2010

Drive ins

Really makes me want my license and car...Why don't we have more of these nowadays? What's so great about being stuck in a theater with a hundred other people anyways? And you can't even talk. Or use your cell phone. Sheesh. And theaters are ALWAYS too cold, while as if you're in your own car you can control the temperature. Plus they"re way cheaper and sometimes even free!
Turns out there's actually one near Valley Christian in San Jose (hallaylooya). I. Want. My. License.
I guess it'd be sorta ghetto though (especially sitting in my car in the dark in some unknown part of SJ...I'd take the chance anyways.

1 comment:

  1. I go all the time with allison! It gets a bit ghetto if you go to the late double feature (two movies) starting at like 11 and lasting til like 3am...But its fun and private and you're safe inside your car and you can be as obnoxious as you want.