Sunday, October 17, 2010

Long year.

Guess it's a good thing Facebook reminded me. Would've forgotten otherwise


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recent purchases

Some random (and some useless) things that I bought recently:
This silky lacy romper-nightgown-y mother-y thing. Not sure if I'd wear it out or to bed (?). And it's not very season appropriate. Actually right now it is, because it has been veryveryvery warm lately especially for October...which is weird.
Incredibly warm and very very heavy sweater. It said I was supposed to "dry clean" it, but i figured since it was "cotton" it'd be fine. Until my mom pulled it out of the washer and told me it was  "RUINED." Honestly you can barely tell the difference. All that happened was the red started leaking so where the white part is there's some pink staining...but seriously I could just tell everyone it's supposed to be like that (if you look closely you can actually see the pink stains...but I mean, whatever. It was an ugly sweater to begin with).

(Left) Fall jacket. Liked the color. Not much else to say about it.

I have no idea what brought me to buy this. Not that I regret buying it or whatever...I just have no freaking clue when I'll ever wear it. It doesn't even look comfortable enough to wear to sleep and it looks way too much like a pink ballerina tutu thing to wear out...a bit too girly for me I think. I just thought it looked pretty, not to wear, I mean just pretty to look at.

Ugliest pair of shoes I ever bought. So ugly I think they're cute. Like pugs, or something. Maybe they'd be nicer if they were a nice tannish color, or even a dark foresty green (or maybe not). But this is just like a burnt poopey orange color, and the shape reminds me of Peter Pan. At least Halloween's coming up.
New wallet for school. No need to stuff my spare change into my bag anymore. So no more MagicWallet =(
Necklace and scarves. Aaaaaaaaaaaand a sewing machine. Which I've jammed about ten times since I started trying to use it. Yesterday. I'm not even exaggerating. One day I'm going to try to unjam it and completely obliterate my finger to pieces.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Drive ins

Really makes me want my license and car...Why don't we have more of these nowadays? What's so great about being stuck in a theater with a hundred other people anyways? And you can't even talk. Or use your cell phone. Sheesh. And theaters are ALWAYS too cold, while as if you're in your own car you can control the temperature. Plus they"re way cheaper and sometimes even free!
Turns out there's actually one near Valley Christian in San Jose (hallaylooya). I. Want. My. License.
I guess it'd be sorta ghetto though (especially sitting in my car in the dark in some unknown part of SJ...I'd take the chance anyways.