Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So I told my mom...

That I thought I was balding. No, really. I've always had thin hair (anyone who knows me would agree...VERY thin hair) and not so much of it either... Basically, I wanted her to prescribe me some kinda magic pill that would make my hair grow like a weed. Nope, unsuccessful. No pills for me.
But seriously, my hair's been shedding a lot more lately. My guess is it's from the perm...and my hothothot showers. For some reason I guess I don't feel heat as much as other people, cause when I take showers with friends (okay with swim suits swim team. Don't be sick.) they always complain that my water's too hot. When it's perfect. For me. Anyways the hot water's probably scalding all my hair off so from now on, I'm going to FACE the shower (I usually turn away) and rinse with lukewarm/cold water. And I need to get out of the habit of touching my head when I'm spacing.

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