Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not going to be a good week...

Aaaaaaaand junior year is starting to kick in. I thought I had a relatively relaxing week ahead of me, no tests or anything. Turns out NOPE, I just don't listen in class to whatever's coming up. So as of Monday+Today I've been ambushed with an army of incoming tests I didn't even know about and here I am wasting my time blogging about how gruesome junior year is when what I really should be doing is start reading the two chapters of history I have a test on tomorrow which I've only read half of...or not even.

Two movies I've seen lately:

Orphan was traumatizing. Almost as bad as watching the trailer for The Human Centipede (sickest thing ever...and not in a good way). I feel bad for all the orphans who'll never get adopted now because of this movie. =( 
What Dreams May Come was...so so. It's about a guy who marries his soul mate and then their kids die in a car crash and the wife is really affected and then he dies some four years later when a car collides with him and so he goes to heaven and then finds out his wife committed suicide and because of that she went to hell so he wants to journey to the underworld or whatever and try to get her back. And so on...Yeah I thought the whole story line sounded pretty amazing but the movie was disappointing :(

And now I should probably start studying for that test I'm going to get screwed over by in the morning. On top of everything else, I'm sick. Well not like fever sick, more like snuffy nose coughing every five seconds even though I don't really need to sick. Still wish I could skip school, though.

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