Monday, September 6, 2010

I had a dream

And this sorta references to my fear of balding a few posts back. Like I said, I keep a dream journal and I record most dreams I have when I'm not too lazy or sleepy...
So my dream (I'm just gonna cut to half they said in Inception, you never really remember where you start your dream) I had just taken a shower and I was doing my usual routine (usual since I got my perm anyways...) of spraying in my leave in conditioner and combing my hair with my fingers. And then when I looked at my hands there was a big fat clump of hair (wdf right...) So I was thinking, Ha! Yes! I can prove to my mom that I'm balding! and I remember going out of my bathroom--
and then the dream ended.
So yeah, not that exciting, but I guess it shows what my real worries are. -__________-

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