Sunday, August 29, 2010

Two Things

First thing, I've gotten into Adele's music lately. Weird! Weird because I remember the first time I heard "Chasing Pavements" (ha ha, I almost wrote "Sidewalks"...) I didn't like it so much. Then I heard "Melt My Heart To Stone" and I pretty much downloaded the whole album.

Second thing is jazz music. Okay now this is really weird, because I HATED jazz for the longest time until about a couple days ago, when my iTunes was on shuffle, and it played this song "Despertar" by Aisha Duo. Definitely wasn't any kinda jazz I've ever heard was more modern-y and quirky. Like that New Orleans stuff with trumpets and all? Not really a fan. So her (or him? I have no idea...) and Bob Acri, who I especially like. The funny thing is that both their songs weren't ones I put in my library, they were part of that sample playlist of four songs iTunes gives you in the beginning...Haha.

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