Saturday, August 28, 2010


So I've heard a LOT of hype about this movie "omg MIND-B-L-O-W-N ohmigoddd" and etc etc. So today I finally went to see it, and well, sorry no, my mind was not "MIND-BLOWN." But I did think it was a really great movie, especially since you had to exercise some brain power to follow. So no, my mind was not blown to bits, more like I just seriously appreciated its storyline. And the ending? Might've left something to desired, initially, but considering the movie it was probably the best way to end it.

So another thing was, when I was watching the movie, "Mal" the wife, looked really really familiar. (I thought her name was "Molly" til just now, with "Mol" being her short name, then I saw that imbd said "Mal." I thought "Molly" was too jolly of a name for her anyways) Anyways it turns out that I had watched another movie with her in it last week! Jeux d'Enfants, too bad I don't speak French, but I do read English subs. The French just sounded sexy. I think the title means Games of Kids or something, but the English version is called Love Me If You Dare (not so hot for that name). So yeah, what a coincidence!

Imo, I thought she looked not so sexy in Inception, and she looked old, too.

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