Saturday, August 14, 2010

I hate

getting lost...especially at labyrinth-like markets. Where i don't even understand the language. And i stick out like a sore thumb. And it's hot and humid and dirty and polluted and the people leer and glare at me like im some kind of alien. Which i am, kinda...
I told my mom that I was gonna look around while she looked at some underwear things and i wandered a bit toooo much and got lost. And i totally forgot where i had left her and i swear i went around that huge floor like five times and people kept on looking at me like what the hell is that girl doing what a stupid girl etc etc and i just looked ODD. And it was so crowded with like tiny little pathways with people sitting wow asian markets are just unbearable i couldn't take it. Grrr. So i was considering bailing and taking a taxi back to the hotel (I probably would have been kidnapped or something). Then finally, thank GOD finally, after an hour I saw my mom and i was so relieved, and i asked her where WERE you? Apparently she was at the same underwear stand the entire time...Which i SWEAR i passed by at least five times and she was no where to be seen.

But actually thats not too uncommon for me. I mean when i search for like a spice or crackers (ha if I'm that pro at cooking) in the cupboard and it's right in front of my face and i miss it. Happens all the time. OR when i go downstairs to get something and I get something else entirely and I don't remember what I was supposed to get in the first place until I go back upstairs. Inconvenient.

Wow it's raining like crazy. And the thunder is like BOOMBOOMBOOM the loudest thunder i've ever heard...Did I mention how bad the Internet is here? It keeps disconnecting. I think it's the rain/thunder/mangly city.

Right, now my mom's screaming for me to eat lunch.

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