Monday, August 16, 2010

Home home home

is the best place. But it kinda smells like dog breath. Either it's because I've been away and it's always been there, or because I've been away and my dad sucks at keeping the house clean.
And there's a LOT of spiders. Dead ones, live ones, big ones small ones.
It's 3:37 and i'm still unpacking but i'm not complaining. It's kinda weird but i actually like organizing my room. Or i did after i moved all my stuff around and it's actually somewhere i WANT to be now. I'm being sort of OCD and i just snuck into my parents bathroom to grab the iron...I even put the presents into three neatly separated and labeled bags. Ok wow...

Flight from Vietnam to HK was 2 hours, flight from HK to SF was 12 hours, slept some, read some. And i'm ALMOST done with summer reading (thats a first). Back to ironing. I might even pull an all nighter!

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