Friday, August 13, 2010

First posting...

and not much to say... I've been going on and off out of my head trying to decide if I should make a blog. I doubt i'd keep up with it much, esp with junior year starting. And i had the worst time getting the skin to work. i USED to be techsavvy :( but whatever, just go with it right? Ok to be honest i've had about five other blogs and i haven't stuck to any. But no, i WILL persist this time (then again, thats what i always say.)

My first real posting probably won't be until i get back to the States. Can't upload any pictures now :( and i miss homeeeeeee. I should probably go wash up soon. Saigon is mucky and muggy, even at night. I feel like there's a layer of city filth covering me. Mmmh.

So i'm not really sure if I'm gonna be one of those bloggers who rants on about their personal lives...thats kinda too...personal. And really, who wants to know my latest heartbreak/breakup/boyfriend/etc...yeah, no one (and i don't think i fancy publicizing that sorta stuff anyways).

Thats it for now. Should post this soon before the internet here gives out ...again. I can't even use the hotel internet (all 12 floors of different connections each) nooo i have to steal internet from some other company around here (something idea).


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