Tuesday, August 31, 2010


You know those things in life that never seem to run out? Like chapstick or that endless eraser or the bar of soap or whatever...Well maybe it's just me, but I always, always (almost always) lose my chapstick/eraser before I ever get to finish it. I've completely finished one tube of Softlips (not that great for moisturizing lips...just saying) all my life. And I've never finished eyeliner. I always lose it. UNTIL NOW. Last week, I found out that I'd actually used up all my eyeliner...the same eyeliner I've used since 8th grade/freshman year, or something like that. Probably freshman year, because I remember having this really gross one by MK&Ashley (came free with the eyelash curler) that made me look like a gothic haunted house worker by the end of the day. That's how much it smudged all over the place -__-

Maybe it's because I always lose things before I get to finish them.

Okay as for these, I'm pretty sure I've had them since elementary school days. THAT long. And I'm almost done with these too! About one and a half sheets left and I hadn't even realized until a friend asked me if I could give her one (and I was like, sure, since I thought I had so many...guess not).

Do you have any idea how slowly you use these up? It's not every day your binder paper rips and you care about this ONE piece of paper so much you have to patch it up with hole reinforcements... okay well that's just my take.

So it's just kinda put things into perspective, about how much time has passed and yadiyada. So much time I've used up an entire packet of reinforcers. So much time I've used an entire tube of eyeliner. And considering I only ever use it on my upper water line (none of that thick chola stuff...) that is a long. ass. time.

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