Tuesday, August 31, 2010


You know those things in life that never seem to run out? Like chapstick or that endless eraser or the bar of soap or whatever...Well maybe it's just me, but I always, always (almost always) lose my chapstick/eraser before I ever get to finish it. I've completely finished one tube of Softlips (not that great for moisturizing lips...just saying) all my life. And I've never finished eyeliner. I always lose it. UNTIL NOW. Last week, I found out that I'd actually used up all my eyeliner...the same eyeliner I've used since 8th grade/freshman year, or something like that. Probably freshman year, because I remember having this really gross one by MK&Ashley (came free with the eyelash curler) that made me look like a gothic haunted house worker by the end of the day. That's how much it smudged all over the place -__-

Maybe it's because I always lose things before I get to finish them.

Okay as for these, I'm pretty sure I've had them since elementary school days. THAT long. And I'm almost done with these too! About one and a half sheets left and I hadn't even realized until a friend asked me if I could give her one (and I was like, sure, since I thought I had so many...guess not).

Do you have any idea how slowly you use these up? It's not every day your binder paper rips and you care about this ONE piece of paper so much you have to patch it up with hole reinforcements... okay well that's just my take.

So it's just kinda put things into perspective, about how much time has passed and yadiyada. So much time I've used up an entire packet of reinforcers. So much time I've used an entire tube of eyeliner. And considering I only ever use it on my upper water line (none of that thick chola stuff...) that is a long. ass. time.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Two Things

First thing, I've gotten into Adele's music lately. Weird! Weird because I remember the first time I heard "Chasing Pavements" (ha ha, I almost wrote "Sidewalks"...) I didn't like it so much. Then I heard "Melt My Heart To Stone" and I pretty much downloaded the whole album.

Second thing is jazz music. Okay now this is really weird, because I HATED jazz for the longest time until about a couple days ago, when my iTunes was on shuffle, and it played this song "Despertar" by Aisha Duo. Definitely wasn't any kinda jazz I've ever heard before...it was more modern-y and quirky. Like that New Orleans stuff with trumpets and all? Not really a fan. So her (or him? I have no idea...) and Bob Acri, who I especially like. The funny thing is that both their songs weren't ones I put in my library, they were part of that sample playlist of four songs iTunes gives you in the beginning...Haha.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


So I've heard a LOT of hype about this movie "omg MIND-B-L-O-W-N ohmigoddd" and etc etc. So today I finally went to see it, and well, sorry no, my mind was not "MIND-BLOWN." But I did think it was a really great movie, especially since you had to exercise some brain power to follow. So no, my mind was not blown to bits, more like I just seriously appreciated its storyline. And the ending? Might've left something to desired, initially, but considering the movie it was probably the best way to end it.

So another thing was, when I was watching the movie, "Mal" the wife, looked really really familiar. (I thought her name was "Molly" til just now, with "Mol" being her short name, then I saw that imbd said "Mal." I thought "Molly" was too jolly of a name for her anyways) Anyways it turns out that I had watched another movie with her in it last week! Jeux d'Enfants, too bad I don't speak French, but I do read English subs. The French just sounded sexy. I think the title means Games of Kids or something, but the English version is called Love Me If You Dare (not so hot for that name). So yeah, what a coincidence!

Imo, I thought she looked not so sexy in Inception, and she looked old, too.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I've fallen in love

No one will ever love her the way i do. The day we met, I took her inside a fitting room where she wrapped herself around me, softly and lightly but so perfectly. I knew she was The One. Ohh my, I just had to have her.

A good 8 sizes too large for me (size 10...I'm like a 2 -_-) I don't regret a thing about it. MY LOVE KNOWS NO SIZE LIMITATIONS. My first pussybow blouse, and most definitely not my last, if I can help it. I'm disappointed that my mother threw out all her old ones. Stealing clothes from family members is the best kind of shopping: free.

Haha ok, a bit overboard. I wore this to registration, but you can't even see the bow in my school id. They make you wear something with a collar though, so it's way better than a polo or something...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Home home home

is the best place. But it kinda smells like dog breath. Either it's because I've been away and it's always been there, or because I've been away and my dad sucks at keeping the house clean.
And there's a LOT of spiders. Dead ones, live ones, big ones small ones.
It's 3:37 and i'm still unpacking but i'm not complaining. It's kinda weird but i actually like organizing my room. Or i did after i moved all my stuff around and it's actually somewhere i WANT to be now. I'm being sort of OCD and i just snuck into my parents bathroom to grab the iron...I even put the presents into three neatly separated and labeled bags. Ok wow...

Flight from Vietnam to HK was 2 hours, flight from HK to SF was 12 hours, slept some, read some. And i'm ALMOST done with summer reading (thats a first). Back to ironing. I might even pull an all nighter!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back in the fifth grade

I was weird. Haha, out of curiosity i looked up my old blog and wow. We were weird. Gosh how embarrassing. I was considering deleting it but nah,  I wanted to keep it for some memories. It's worth a laugh. bUt i tYpED lYk d1s aND sO DiD mUh FREnds hahahhaha oh wow the days.

I hate

getting lost...especially at labyrinth-like markets. Where i don't even understand the language. And i stick out like a sore thumb. And it's hot and humid and dirty and polluted and the people leer and glare at me like im some kind of alien. Which i am, kinda...
I told my mom that I was gonna look around while she looked at some underwear things and i wandered a bit toooo much and got lost. And i totally forgot where i had left her and i swear i went around that huge floor like five times and people kept on looking at me like what the hell is that girl doing what a stupid girl etc etc and i just looked ODD. And it was so crowded with like tiny little pathways with people sitting wow asian markets are just unbearable i couldn't take it. Grrr. So i was considering bailing and taking a taxi back to the hotel (I probably would have been kidnapped or something). Then finally, thank GOD finally, after an hour I saw my mom and i was so relieved, and i asked her where WERE you? Apparently she was at the same underwear stand the entire time...Which i SWEAR i passed by at least five times and she was no where to be seen.

But actually thats not too uncommon for me. I mean when i search for like a spice or crackers (ha spice...as if I'm that pro at cooking) in the cupboard and it's right in front of my face and i miss it. Happens all the time. OR when i go downstairs to get something and I get something else entirely and I don't remember what I was supposed to get in the first place until I go back upstairs. Inconvenient.

Wow it's raining like crazy. And the thunder is like BOOMBOOMBOOM the loudest thunder i've ever heard...Did I mention how bad the Internet is here? It keeps disconnecting. I think it's the rain/thunder/mangly city.

Right, now my mom's screaming for me to eat lunch.

Friday, August 13, 2010

First posting...

and not much to say... I've been going on and off out of my head trying to decide if I should make a blog. I doubt i'd keep up with it much, esp with junior year starting. And i had the worst time getting the skin to work. i USED to be techsavvy :( but whatever, just go with it right? Ok to be honest i've had about five other blogs and i haven't stuck to any. But no, i WILL persist this time (then again, thats what i always say.)

My first real posting probably won't be until i get back to the States. Can't upload any pictures now :( and i miss homeeeeeee. I should probably go wash up soon. Saigon is mucky and muggy, even at night. I feel like there's a layer of city filth covering me. Mmmh.

So i'm not really sure if I'm gonna be one of those bloggers who rants on about their personal lives...thats kinda too...personal. And really, who wants to know my latest heartbreak/breakup/boyfriend/etc...yeah, no one (and i don't think i fancy publicizing that sorta stuff anyways).

Thats it for now. Should post this soon before the internet here gives out ...again. I can't even use the hotel internet (all 12 floors of different connections each) nooo i have to steal internet from some other company around here (something stocks...no idea).