Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas morning...

Well, "morning" for me, it was actually around 2 PM when my mom came in my room and asked me if I was dead. I had finished wrapping all the presents last night so they were lying in a pile by my door- we didn't have a Christmas tree this year. Or last year. Actually, we haven't had a Christmas tree since...I don't know, the seventh grade? So four or five years? Christmas just...isn't really a big deal in our family. We have a family party, which gets smaller and smaller every year as everyone starts leaving for college. Present-giving isn't really a big deal either.

So this year here's how the present giving morning went. My mom unwrapped her present from us on my bed, a white sweater dress and makeup from Nars and Dior. She said she was going to try on the dress, and thanked and hugged me. I left the other presents for my sister and my dad on the stairs. After I brushed my teeth, my dad came out of his room all smiles and thanked my sister, Mom, and me for his present (two sweaters from Macy's). He seemed genuinely content with his gift; he doesn't ask for much.

My sister looked at me and asked, "So where's my present huh?" I pointed at the wrapped box on the stairs. "Oh! Hm. Well thank you," took the box and unwrapped it.

At that moment, my mom came in, saying the dress made her short legs look bad, and that she didn't like the colors on the Nars palette, and could she exchange the colors for something else that she wanted at Lancome? And could she exchange the dress, or did I just want it?

My sister opened her box and inside was a pink nightgown. Not the silky slip Victoria's Secret type, but the Christmas movie granny-style kind, complete with a frilly collar and embroidered flowers around the neck. My mom oohed and ahhed. "How pretty! And how soft!" (It had been her idea to get my sister it, but it had been me who went and picked it out and bought it-- my mother wouldn't let me buy her anything else. "Get her something she can use. She loves those very traditional nightgown things.")

My mom gave me her sweater dress present back, asked my sister if she still had the exchange receipts for the makeup, and left. My sister looked at me and said, "Why did you let her buy me another nightgown!"

Men are so much simpler than women.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A food post

Great Khan's Mongolian BBQ-
This place brings back memories from junior high. Every single time we went to the mall, we'd get napkins to squish down as much meat/veggies/stuff as we could in the bowl, ignoring the "Please don't touch food with hands" sign. We even made little walls with cucumbers and meat rolls on the side so we could pile on more noodles. These pictures were from Black Friday, and we piled our bowl so high people began to stare, and it didn't even fit into the box. Seriously, this is the one place in the food court where you can get your money's worth.

Ghirardelli Square-
My first time. It looks small here, but ten of us didn't even come close to finishing that gargantuan family sized ice cream plate. 8 scoops and 8 toppings and by the end we were left with a creamy concoction of whip cream and indistinguishable puddles of flavors. I had chosen double servings of whipped cream. Bad choice; I couldn't even see which flavor I was eating under the massive blanket of a heart attack.

Chicken Caesar Wrap from Jamba Juice-
That is some badass packaging...My friend got this while another friend and I ate Denny's, and when he ripped the cardboard and we saw the stupid sauce cup, we laughed. Who knew Jamba Juice was so...deceptive? Seriously though, I'm never getting one of these from JJ. It wasn't even that good.

"3 minute brownies"-
So I had actually seen this one a friend's tumblr and I went downstairs to try it out about ten minutes later. I imagined, light, fluffy, soft cakey chocolatey goodness. Instead I got...this homely looking, tough, jelly-consistency, sh*t looking and tasting piece of inedible atrocious poop. It even has little corn-poopy looking things in it. I knew it was just too good to be true.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Almost there.

It's like the light at the end of the tunnel. The food at the end of the fast. That register at the front of the line (on Black Friday). I can't of any other examples right now because my brain refuses to work.

Today was the first day of finals. I'm not sure how I got through it without dropping my head on my scantron and drooling in my sleep until all my pencil marked answers run together into a big graphite puddle blob, but here I am.
Let's calculate my hours of sleep for the week:
None on Sunday- started my English essay on Chaucer around midnight.
1.5 hours Monday- had a semester calc project. Which I left the most of until the last minute, of course. What a surprise...
2 hours last night- started and finished studying for calc final, started studying for English final then gave up when I put my head down on my desk and woke up half an hour later, grumpy and tired. And the last two hours I'd been studying didn't exactly help...I felt like I was just glazing over dates and definitions and the meaning of this transgression and that soliloquy.
And I've been waking up really suddenly lately. Tuesday morning I woke up literally running towards my door. I think it's been some weird reflex I've developed from waking up panicked because I just realized I was late. This morning I did the same thing, except just running to put on my pants. And I've pretty much been wearing my pajamas to school because I'm too lazy and sleepy to put on anything nice. So I end up just stuffing a bra under my crewneck. Monday I slept with my jeans on so I wouldn't have to change at all. Then in the car today a friend was sitting next to me while I was sleeping and when we were outside of our school she said "Kristi" and I panicked like mad and snapped up like one of those jack in the box figures.

I think I need to relax a little more.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Things I Don't Need" from downtown Palo Alto

I've taken a newfound liking to old books. Not necessarily old books by old authors, but just old looking books. And not even to read, either. I just like they way their pages have this yellowed crispy colored look. And how this one's got a leather-y looking cover (it's not leather though. It's brown painted on canvas-y thing).
I think I'm going to start a collection of pretty looking books I'll never read.
But I might actually read Jane Eyre--apparently it's a "beautiful" book, according to my mother...But who has time to read much nowadays? Not me...though I did just finish rereading The Undomestic Goddess last night; what had started out as a toilet read turned into an homework-distracting addiction.

And a tarnished jewelry box I got that needs some repainting...


Made these last night because I had a sudden craving for candied oranges. A bit weird because I usually detest orange chocolate of any sort.

Anything I ever try baking/cooking always turns out looking ugly. These look like poopy slugs.

Monday, December 6, 2010

It started raining

yesterday. My mom made a comment. "I feel so terrible for all those people who have to stay outside in this weather...Isn't that terrible? We should feel so grateful." And we talked about it for a little bit.

It made me remember this girl I had seen in the summer, when I had gone to San Francisco to watch Wicked (hands down the best musical ever. Better than any Glee show or movie musical) with a few friends.We were walking down Market St (I think that was it) and there was an Asian girl sitting on the sidewalk next to the subway station stairs, with a sign that said something along the lines of "Please Help. I'm homeless and hungry." The craziest thing was that she was so. young. I could've gone to school with her. She could've been a year or two older than me. On the other hand, she could just be particularly young looking for her age, but still, how can a girl like that survive homeless in the streets of San Francisco? Like can you imagine being seventeen, eighteen, and living day and night without shelter all by yourself? In San Francisco, home to wet muggy and shivering weather and dangerous legit hobos who could probably...well anyways.

The only bill I had in my wallet was a dollar bill that I had folded into an elephant for fun (Internet doubt wasting my time when I should have been doing something productive). I dropped it in her cup, and later my friend told me that she had picked it out, smiled, and put it in her jacket. Now that I think about it actually, I feel kinda shitty. I mean what can she do with one dollar?

I wish I could go back to that day. Call me nosy, but I was so, so curious: How did she end up like this? Where were her parents? Had she run away? Did she have anyone else with her? Was she hungry? Did she want to come eat lunch with us? I'm generally shy and self conscious around strangers, but if I had had the guts, I would've plopped right down next to her and just talked. Maybe she would've found me annoying, too chatty, invasive, whatever, but several months later I'm still wondering what happened to her.

To be honest, I sort of have a subtle fascination with all homeless people on the streets. If it were perfectly safe (but there's no guarantee that it would be), I'd like to have a nice cup of tea/coffee/other beverage and just pester them with questions about how they got there and what it's like. There's always the chance that they'd pull out their knife and kidnap me, or they'd just be downright bothered, so the most I ever actually do is give them money.

That's my rant about homeless people. A little late for Thanksgiving, but suitable for the season of giving (speaking of which, I can't wait until break).

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tofu House and migrains.

The pictures were from the internet, since I forgot to take any.
So I had dinner with my family tonight, after a friend’s birthday party. My sister who’s up from LA has really been into Korean food lately, so we went to this section of street on El Camino in Santa Clara that was supposed to have lots of Korean food places. We stopped at Tofu House, where I joked that it was so popular the windows were steamy (I’m pretty sure it was just frosted glass…but at one point I looked at it from inside and it really was steamed up).

This place was so legit I had no idea how to eat the stuff…my mom watched one guy eat his food and saw him crack a raw egg into his soup so she did that too. My mom pretty much criticized about everything in the place:
“My ribs are much better.”
“Why don’t they refill our kimchi?”
“I don’t like this fried pancake much.”
“The lighting at the other place was much better.”

My sister and I proceeded to mimic her complaints and laughed a bit obnoxiously loud (we always get a kick out of making fun of our mother). Personally, I thought there was so much good food there… I don’t think I’ve been so full in a while, and that includes Thanksgiving. For some reason, I can’t seem to get that fully-stuffed-and-pregnant-looking feeling anymore when I eat…I never seem to have an appetite. And the people were so nice even though my mother’s manners were terrible (no thank yous, no pleases, just “EXCUSE ME can I get this refilled??”). One of the old men working there was going from table to table giving the little kids balloon animals. He even asked me and my sister…but  no.

My only complaint was that I left my bag there =( I realized this when we were almost home and then freaked out. So I called them and they eventually found it and the guy promised to hold it there. Hopefully nothing’s missing but I mean the people there were so nice I’d really be surprised if there were. Maybe Koreans are just nice in general. Oh and I guess another thing is that I got a huge migraine from all the MSG…that’s how legit the place was.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cheerios and Chex in Soap Operas?

I've never really been a fan of soaps. I remember when I was little I'd always come home to big sister Anna  sitting on the floor in the bonus room (our "study room") watching some weirdly dramatic funnily-lighted show that always ended in some dramatic cliff hanger.

So I came across one of those Yahoo articles that are always on the home page and have really interesting taglines but the actual content is usually a lot more boring...but this one was pretty funny. And it had some clips from soaps that make me want to actually watch these shows with bad acting just because they've gotten a whole lot funnier.

I thought this one was particularly amusing... just cause it was so obvious, it's supposed to be a gloomy scene, and the way they zoom into the product ...and that it's a bunch of white people eating psuedo-asian food, of course it would be frozen from a bag. AND THE OLD LADY JUST KEEPS TALKING.

Then there's this one...

And this funky music starts playing as soon as they zoom into the awkkkkward. I feel bad for the actors.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Unpaid fines...

From the Martin Luther King Jr. Library...with charges that go way, way back to the fourth grade or something.
And they never let me renew or borrow more books when I'm over $ I had to pay up.

I'm one of those people who will borrow something for a really, really long time, and unless I'm reminded and bothered daily about it, it'll grow old and dusty with mothballs and rats in the recesses of my closet/cabinets/desks/etc...just kidding about the rats.

That reminds me, I still have my friend Heather's jeans from the seventh grade. And another friend Mimi's shirt from freshman year. And Angela's flip flops from...last year? But for the record, she left them here. Then there's another friends' jeans and shorts from seventh grade or so...they don't even fit me anymore. And we have this one movie from Blockbuster, back when they used to do the mailing servicer (do they still?) and I think that was around...fifth grade. I had meant to send it back and all, but...well, these things happen. I never even watched it! It was the movie Cry Wolf, but who knows. I heard it was bad anyways. I don't think they even know we have it. Either that or we've been charged unknowingly for the last six/seven years and if we ever try to rent a movie from them again a huge multi-thousand dollar fine will show up...great.

American Beauty

...Now this is a trippy movie. It's good, really good, but a bit overwhelming...I don't think I'd be able to watch it again for awhile.

While I'm at it, I'm just gonna mention how amazing I thought the last episode of Glee was ("Never Been Kissed"). I went out of my mind, I actually said "OHMYGOD" outloud, at...that one scene. Yeah, that one...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Being sick

really isn't all that bad when you get to stay home, be lazy, eat, sleep, and watch TV. Which is all I did today. Really, it's all I could do, considering I woke up feeling like I'd gotten mauled by a truck and as if I breathed in goo all night. After getting over the initial feeling of "Ugh this sucks I have to miss school and do twice as much crap later", I got an extra five hours of sleep. And got to catch up on How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. Productive day.
So after being pumped with five different kinds of meds, I feel better.

Bloom- The Paper Kites

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Long year.

Guess it's a good thing Facebook reminded me. Would've forgotten otherwise


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recent purchases

Some random (and some useless) things that I bought recently:
This silky lacy romper-nightgown-y mother-y thing. Not sure if I'd wear it out or to bed (?). And it's not very season appropriate. Actually right now it is, because it has been veryveryvery warm lately especially for October...which is weird.
Incredibly warm and very very heavy sweater. It said I was supposed to "dry clean" it, but i figured since it was "cotton" it'd be fine. Until my mom pulled it out of the washer and told me it was  "RUINED." Honestly you can barely tell the difference. All that happened was the red started leaking so where the white part is there's some pink staining...but seriously I could just tell everyone it's supposed to be like that (if you look closely you can actually see the pink stains...but I mean, whatever. It was an ugly sweater to begin with).

(Left) Fall jacket. Liked the color. Not much else to say about it.

I have no idea what brought me to buy this. Not that I regret buying it or whatever...I just have no freaking clue when I'll ever wear it. It doesn't even look comfortable enough to wear to sleep and it looks way too much like a pink ballerina tutu thing to wear out...a bit too girly for me I think. I just thought it looked pretty, not to wear, I mean just pretty to look at.

Ugliest pair of shoes I ever bought. So ugly I think they're cute. Like pugs, or something. Maybe they'd be nicer if they were a nice tannish color, or even a dark foresty green (or maybe not). But this is just like a burnt poopey orange color, and the shape reminds me of Peter Pan. At least Halloween's coming up.
New wallet for school. No need to stuff my spare change into my bag anymore. So no more MagicWallet =(
Necklace and scarves. Aaaaaaaaaaaand a sewing machine. Which I've jammed about ten times since I started trying to use it. Yesterday. I'm not even exaggerating. One day I'm going to try to unjam it and completely obliterate my finger to pieces.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Drive ins

Really makes me want my license and car...Why don't we have more of these nowadays? What's so great about being stuck in a theater with a hundred other people anyways? And you can't even talk. Or use your cell phone. Sheesh. And theaters are ALWAYS too cold, while as if you're in your own car you can control the temperature. Plus they"re way cheaper and sometimes even free!
Turns out there's actually one near Valley Christian in San Jose (hallaylooya). I. Want. My. License.
I guess it'd be sorta ghetto though (especially sitting in my car in the dark in some unknown part of SJ...I'd take the chance anyways.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I am so amazed at...


I've been learning nothing in my classes

Because teachers are constantly going off topic...and I love it.
So far I've heard about my physics teacher's college life, French wife, bi-racial kids, rants about the next door physic's teacher's love life, my Spanish teacher's college majoring choices, her sister's habit of switching between Spanish and English, my English teacher's six year old son and his love life (aawh), my history' teacher's proposal, first date with his wife, his students' prank on his lawn, his elementary suspension from peeing on a kid in the bathroom (he was standing as far back as he could from the urinal to see how far his pee could go...), and so much more.
I love being a junior.
I also love our new counselor, who actually understands what it's like to be a non-Catholic Asian at an incredibly white majority 80% Catholic school.

I guess St. Francis aint all that bad.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sleep Eat Watch TV

And drink tea that makes me go pee every ten minutes. Pretty much how I wasted my sick day at home. After I waited for over and hour at the ghetto McDonald's where we meet for carpool after I decided I felt too tired/sick/miserable to go to school...but mostly tired. And sleep deprived. So I took a loooooong 6 hour nap where I dreamed about going to Stoneridge Mall with my mom and seeing half the stores closed down and craving a strawberry cream cone pastry that they didn't have. Woke up, went downstairs and ate dinner at four while watching How I Met Your Mother (on my computer because I can't figure out how to work my tv...I can never find anything) and now I'm wasting time when I should be starting homework.
So I've pretty much been drinking tea every single day (sort of... this Mcdonalds stuff probably isn't even real tea...) but none of that hardcore bitter tea real old people drink. More like sugar water with a bit of tea and cream/milk either from Starbucks or McD's and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get early diabetes if I don't start controlling myself. So I'll probably stop when my teeth turn brown or I realize none of my clothes fit me anymore.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not going to be a good week...

Aaaaaaaand junior year is starting to kick in. I thought I had a relatively relaxing week ahead of me, no tests or anything. Turns out NOPE, I just don't listen in class to whatever's coming up. So as of Monday+Today I've been ambushed with an army of incoming tests I didn't even know about and here I am wasting my time blogging about how gruesome junior year is when what I really should be doing is start reading the two chapters of history I have a test on tomorrow which I've only read half of...or not even.

Two movies I've seen lately:

Orphan was traumatizing. Almost as bad as watching the trailer for The Human Centipede (sickest thing ever...and not in a good way). I feel bad for all the orphans who'll never get adopted now because of this movie. =( 
What Dreams May Come so. It's about a guy who marries his soul mate and then their kids die in a car crash and the wife is really affected and then he dies some four years later when a car collides with him and so he goes to heaven and then finds out his wife committed suicide and because of that she went to hell so he wants to journey to the underworld or whatever and try to get her back. And so on...Yeah I thought the whole story line sounded pretty amazing but the movie was disappointing :(

And now I should probably start studying for that test I'm going to get screwed over by in the morning. On top of everything else, I'm sick. Well not like fever sick, more like snuffy nose coughing every five seconds even though I don't really need to sick. Still wish I could skip school, though.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Smells like skunk.

Yeah, at first I thought it was just my imagination. Until I was closing my bedroom windows and it definitely. smelled. like. skunk. The fact that the sprinklers were on and it was dark might have something to do with it. Just a guess.
And this owl outside my window has been hooting like a pubescent boy for the last 20 minutes.

On the bright side, I got a new phone the other day. It's the definition of mediocre, so don't get excited. Someone called it a "junior high phone" the other day. Well thanks, I'm really starting to love it now...
But I've used it for a full day on one charge so far, texting and all, and it's still at full battery. I'm so confident, I'm not even going to bother charging it for tomorrow! Ok honestly, most phones can probably go two days on one charge, regularly. I've just been cursed with sucky battery life, so I'm grateful. Ha.
But the best thing about getting this phone is the change in our family plan. Basically instead of me having my measly 1500 for $15 a month, and my sister's even worse 250 for $5 a month, our whole family has unlimited now! Something about us paying 2 dollars more for this and that when we should just have changed our plan and yadiyada. The guy at the Verizon store was nice. Rather than letting us go indefinitely with my outstanding over-limit charges and having to pay more anyways.

So my parents don't really know how to text. I tried teaching my dad the first day and he sort-of got it. So the other day I woke up and the house was essentially empty, no one was home. I texted my dad "Where are you?"

He replied,
"What u want"
HA. I actually laughed out loud when I read it. I love my dad.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Smoothies and Whipped Cream

My favorite part of smoothies is the whip cream. The whip cream is always on top. I always drink my smoothie with a straw. Straws suck the smoothie from the bottom. See the problem here?

By the time I finish sucking up all the smoothie, the whip cream is either deflated or just disappeared completely. Most of the time. What I do love though, is that level when there's about a 1:1 ratio of whip cream to smoothie left, and you get to mix it all in, and you get this sweet creamy goodness of fatty fatty goodness.

Note: Ok the right picture looks freakishly gross, I know. It's strawberries and mango, for the record.

Stupid birds...

So I think it's a bit of an understatement to say that our backyard's got nature...It's a freaking zoo. We get dogs, cats, pregnant kitties that lay their babies in a shady corner, turkeys come in giant herds and sh*t on every inch of the patio, deer that live under our deck, rabbits, and then of course the typical squirrels that establish an entire family under our apricot tree...etc etc.

Well the other day I came home to a peacock (above). And it wasn't the first time...a few months ago I saw one in our front yard (right) and I tried feeding it white rice but I guess they don't eat that kinda stuff (ha). But anyways yesterday morning I could hear an entire flock of them..."cluckcluckcluckcluck" there were about fifteen of them in our backyard. Great. Super sh*t covered. In all honesty, I suppose it's sort of neat, but uhhhh I'm not too likely to ever walk barefoot on the deck again.

I had a dream

And this sorta references to my fear of balding a few posts back. Like I said, I keep a dream journal and I record most dreams I have when I'm not too lazy or sleepy...
So my dream (I'm just gonna cut to half they said in Inception, you never really remember where you start your dream) I had just taken a shower and I was doing my usual routine (usual since I got my perm anyways...) of spraying in my leave in conditioner and combing my hair with my fingers. And then when I looked at my hands there was a big fat clump of hair (wdf right...) So I was thinking, Ha! Yes! I can prove to my mom that I'm balding! and I remember going out of my bathroom--
and then the dream ended.
So yeah, not that exciting, but I guess it shows what my real worries are. -__________-

A bit of midnight DIY

Not too many people know this, but a little hobby of mine is making my own alterations to clothes...And this is my most recent one that I started at around 12 AM last night and for some reason took me way longer than it should have...
So this was the original product (left) and the reason I left my feet in the picture was as a sorta measurement reference...the skirt was a size 12. Womens. Aka huge. And long. And the waist was so big it fell right off my butt. (this picture is after i altered the waist line though, so just imagine.)

And sooo this is the final product (right). Something that is actually wearable and won't fall down my ass. Bit too short for school length but I'll manage.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I would love to sleep.

No really, I would. I remember when I used to think sleep was "sooooo laaaame." Such a "waste of timeeeee."

Sleep is severely underrated.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So I told my mom...

That I thought I was balding. No, really. I've always had thin hair (anyone who knows me would agree...VERY thin hair) and not so much of it either... Basically, I wanted her to prescribe me some kinda magic pill that would make my hair grow like a weed. Nope, unsuccessful. No pills for me.
But seriously, my hair's been shedding a lot more lately. My guess is it's from the perm...and my hothothot showers. For some reason I guess I don't feel heat as much as other people, cause when I take showers with friends (okay with swim suits swim team. Don't be sick.) they always complain that my water's too hot. When it's perfect. For me. Anyways the hot water's probably scalding all my hair off so from now on, I'm going to FACE the shower (I usually turn away) and rinse with lukewarm/cold water. And I need to get out of the habit of touching my head when I'm spacing.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


You know those things in life that never seem to run out? Like chapstick or that endless eraser or the bar of soap or whatever...Well maybe it's just me, but I always, always (almost always) lose my chapstick/eraser before I ever get to finish it. I've completely finished one tube of Softlips (not that great for moisturizing lips...just saying) all my life. And I've never finished eyeliner. I always lose it. UNTIL NOW. Last week, I found out that I'd actually used up all my eyeliner...the same eyeliner I've used since 8th grade/freshman year, or something like that. Probably freshman year, because I remember having this really gross one by MK&Ashley (came free with the eyelash curler) that made me look like a gothic haunted house worker by the end of the day. That's how much it smudged all over the place -__-

Maybe it's because I always lose things before I get to finish them.

Okay as for these, I'm pretty sure I've had them since elementary school days. THAT long. And I'm almost done with these too! About one and a half sheets left and I hadn't even realized until a friend asked me if I could give her one (and I was like, sure, since I thought I had so many...guess not).

Do you have any idea how slowly you use these up? It's not every day your binder paper rips and you care about this ONE piece of paper so much you have to patch it up with hole reinforcements... okay well that's just my take.

So it's just kinda put things into perspective, about how much time has passed and yadiyada. So much time I've used up an entire packet of reinforcers. So much time I've used an entire tube of eyeliner. And considering I only ever use it on my upper water line (none of that thick chola stuff...) that is a long. ass. time.